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Rental of Medical Equipment

Why study equipment is problem?

Usually sites don’t have all the necessary study specific equipment. The actual order, import and delivery of equipment is therefore arranged by the CRO’s employees. This creates a lot of extra work, which consumes the billable time for the project.


On the other hand, giving the sites equipment or providing them with direct funds to buy it may be considered a gift or unlawful incentive to participate in a study. This may easily conflict with the applicable anti-corruption and transparency legislation governing clinical studies:

  • The UK Bribery Act
  • The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • The Sunshine Act
  • Adopted corporate anti-corruption and transparency policies of Sponsors and CROs.


The solution we offer – a specialized comprehensive rental service that will eliminate all these problems and will provide you with a number of benefits:

  • Costs saving
  • Time saving
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Replacement of damaged/missing equipment
  • No accounting issues
  • No equipment property issues
  • Increased CRO’s efficacy
  • Avoidance of any corruption suspicions
  • Full transparency


Payment Services

GMS offers payment service to institutions, investigators, vendors and patients on behalf of Sponsor or CRO

  • Anti-Corruption compliance – all your payments will be transparently paid to a contracting party (GMS) which will forward them to Study team members.
  • Flexibility – payments may be split in different proportions before each payment.
  • No VAT-Registration issues – the legal frame of our service will not require from investigators to have VAT-registration
  • No Social security issues –neither to us, nor to investigators.
  • No Multiple contracts – you will be able to operate with the standard PI and Institutional CTAs as usual.
  • No additional administrative costs
  • Management of Payment reimbursement

EU-Legal Representation

GMS offers you access to the EU clinical trial market. You can either use GMS as your legal representative or let us establish your local affiliate.

Why to choose GMS and Bulgaria for your EU-Legal Representative:

  • Really low taxes – only 10 % general profit tax
  • EU-Member with EU-legislation
  • Synchronized clinical trials regulations and procedures
  • Convenient EET- time zone (London + 2 hours) – overlapping with US, UK, EU and Asia.
  • Low costs


Specialized Full Legal Support

GMS offers you full legal support for your business – regardless if it comes to general legal matters or intricate business or clinical trial related issues.

Outsourcing solutions

The clinical trial business is highly demanding and constantly changing. Being flexible is key to success and therefore GMS is offering its partners full support in their activity by providing customized outsourcing solutions as per their current demands.